Sheri McConnell: Off to C A N A D A I go ...

Thursday, October 12

Off to C A N A D A I go ...

weeeeee.... Tomorrow I leave for the great red and white! Busy packing away tonight -you know how it goes. Also, wanted to let everyone know who reads this blog that I am slowly moving on over to myspace.

Yes, I have bowed to pop culture and the myspace takeover. Actually the thing that spurred me on was the fact that Blogger is changing their site and technical difficulties may ensue .... so, one will see.

Come on over a take a gander at my newly designed myspace site. Some of you might not like it as much -others will love it more ...oh well, can't please everyone.

Hope you are all well!! Appreciate your prayers as I am walking into 2 weeks of intense ministry, I will update either as I go along or when I come back to LA on Oct. 27th.

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Sheri at 8:09 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

blogger has solved the will go on as normal


6:45 AM  

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