Sheri McConnell: K-Town Here I Come!

Friday, November 17

K-Town Here I Come!

Well, for most of you who know me ... know that travelling seems to be my middle name "Sheri Travelling McConnell". has been a busy fall season of travel and this Monday I leave yet again for Kelowna, BC. Canada to spend a week with good friends!

Todd Rutkowski with the Vineyard Church in Kelowna has invited David (Ruis) and I to teach at the Vineyard Discipleship School and then also lead a roundtable discussion with approx. 30 leaders from Canada on the "Emerging Church". To hear what people are doing from their different locations, ideas, how can we support one another, etc.

I'm really looking forward to this time, being able to hang with peers who most of us have significant history with one another. See some old friends, perhaps reconnect in new ways. Im sure meet some new friends also. Im also anticipating some times where we can really "listen" to one another, the Lord and be able to encourage each other as we all have been journeying and creating our own story in our respective locations.

Would appreciate your prayers. Over the last couple days I have been fighting a cold of sorts so, I'm popping everything of a vitamin assortment into my system imaginable.

Also, my house has been in total dissarray for the last 10 days (due to a pipe that burst under the foundation in my living room -creating a whole lot of wet carpet). The leak is fixed, the carpet relaid and the final touches are being done as I speak. My home should be back to pretty much normal by tonight-here's hoping;)

I haven't slept well for quite a few days now ... processing lots of thoughts. Im sure this doesn't help with this virus which seems to be attacking my body. Am trying to prep for next week over these couple days -the current swirl is definately not helping.

Also, if you could pray for our time in Kelowna -the teaching we are doing and facilitating, the one on one times, hearing the Lord, etc. A real "sense" that this is significant for more than the obvious.

Thank you friends. Blessed.

Sheri at 3:00 PM


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