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Saturday, February 24

Leavin on a jet plane ...

Tomorrow morning I am heading out of LAX to Calgary, Alberta CANADA. YES.....the great white north here I come. A little nervous about the weather dynamic as I seem to be getting soft when it comes to this wonderful so cal winter sun and warmth.

Overnighting in Calgary and then off to Saskatoon on Monday where I will be picked up by a couple of friends from the Full Gospel College in Eston, SK. and I will spend the next week there at the College ...hanging...preparing...more hanging... and then from March 1-4th a few hundred High School Students along with the hundred or so college students will be gathering for the annual senior high wknd. which I am the main speaker for. I am excited and yet apprehensive all at the same time. Funny that no matter how many times I speak in front of people I very much feel like Moses .... Lord, I cannot do this... what do I really have to say? So, I appreciate your prayers as I long to hear and obey Him as we come together to really encounter the one -true - living Jesus who I believe will bring freedom to many and breath vision into.

I then will be concluding my trip in Calgary with some of my family and close friends. Returning back to the land of palm trees and surf by March 7th.

Looking forward to this trip and how the Lord is going to surprise. I pray that HE will work through the impossible!!!!

Blessings to you all

off to bed - sherix
Sheri at 9:47 PM


Blogger Brenden said...

Sheri, God used you so powerfully while you were here! Thanks so much for taking the trip,(even if you did have to wear a few extra layers of clothes.) It was so much appreciated! God moved so mightily this weekend. Things happened that will not soon be forgotten. Everything I could have ever expected or wanted from God I got this weekend, and that is HUGE for me!

Lots of Jesus Love! Brenden


10:30 AM  

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