Sheri McConnell: May 2006

Friday, May 26

Just a couple more pictures ...

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Sheri at 11:01 PM

Recording ... Completed!

Just wanted to let all you know out there in cyber land that we had an amazing time with the recording ... it finished late last night. Only have had about 3 hours of sleep in the last in the last 48 hours so, will write more very soon. In the meantime here are a few recent pictures thanks to Crystal -enjoy!

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Sheri at 10:55 PM

Thursday, May 11

A Special Day in History!

My MOM'S BIRTHDAY!!!! Yahhhoooo....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM I love you now, always and forever xoxoxoxoxoxox
Sheri at 11:41 PM

Tuesday, May 2

Good News and Not So Good.

Ok ... the good first. My very good friend Teresa Trask is flying in tonight to hang here with me for about a week. Can you say GIRL PARTY! I can hardly wait much fun. I love my dear friend - good times had by one and all.

Now ... the not so good. Well, as you know (at least all my Calgary friends) the plan was for me to head back up to the truth north strong and free - C A N A D A - for June. However, it is to my deep sadness that due to scheduling conflicts on every side with the Calgary groups who were going to bring David and I in. They all have pulled out and hoping to rebook for another time. This of course does not settle the immediate hope of coming home and connecting for awhile - for me that is.

So, I don't know when the next time I will be coming home... If you are connected with Street Invaders in any capacity this is when you need to be phoning and speaking with Larry Moore that he should fly me up for a good ole' eston bootcamp in August!! You could do a "fly sheri home petition" ... anyone going to jump on the cause???!!!!!!!

Most of July I will be in Germany ... but, August would be a good month! so, hinthint all my Calgary possee ... anything happenin' that I need to be flying back home for? Please say so!!!

love you all. Hopefully, I will be seeing you all sooner rather than later.
Sheri at 5:10 PM