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Thursday, March 22

Amazing Grace ...

oh how sweet the .... (sound) SIGHT. just a little spin off on the old hymn.

I went and saw the movie "Amazing Grace" monday afternoon. For those of you who know me, one of my favorite things to do is hit up an afternoon matinee solo like. I find it a way to disconnect from the day to day stuff. Of course depending on what movie I actually see determines the ways I actually really do disconnect but, I most definately have an ability to get thoroughly engrossed in a fantastic story plot and stellar acting! Then again I also (at times) just love to go to fluff movies for the sake of a good laugh - comedic silliness value.

Well, in between trying to run a few errands (ive been cooped up in my house all last week pretty much - cause of this sickness that doesn't want to depart). I found myself in a local mall in Burbank - walking by the theatre and landed up right on time to check out the listings. I actually hesitated initially thinking I would rather hit up a brainless flick ... and honestly, most "christian" movies have elements of less than professional - low grade art. I find myself cringing through parts and thinking, now again I can see why we get mocked for our attempts at creativity. So, needless to say - I was somewhat wondering if this would be a waste of $8. In a last ditch decision (pretty much all the other movies had started) I thought what the heck "go for it". I grabbed a bit of popcorn and bottled water and found myself right in the middle of a smattering of people.

I really enjoy 'period pieces' not just for a story line but, the scenery and in a sense romantisized sense of adventure I very easily fall into. 'Pride and Prejudice' for example is a classic example for me in this.

The story begins. It is about a passionate young man named William Wilberforce, a British Abolitionist who burns with conviction for justice ... finds himself in increased influence within the british parliament yet, very simply and so profound to me early on in his life in his pursuit of justice towards the abolition of the slave trade wrestles with it best pursued through a single minded devotion to a calling of faith and ministry or political activeness? He loved nature, he loved animals ... he reminded me of my studys of St. Francis and the simplicity of life. He lived above (not in piety) the pulls of every day society - He was consumed and burning with passion for his mission. That was his sole focus. So much so, his friends had to help turn his face towards the possibility of marriage (which he really had no time for) but, eventually found a truly suitable "partner" in every way towards the cause of justice. From what I saw portrayed, a formidable force in that day.

Through a series of events he decides to walk his influence out with the political systems of the day and never lose sight of his love of the divine -true faith. So beautiful. He battled physical weakness ...tiredness...a long history of sickness yet, this did not hold him back. He was able to enjoy the blessing of a family and finally did win in his fight towards the abolition of slavery. He then went on to fight for many other causes right until his death.

This story so gripped me! Purely from an artistic eye - it was beautiful and done with excellency. No cheesy film quality here. Even the journey of the creation of this great old hymn was so fascinating!! The life of Albert Finney (creator of this hymn) is also portrayed in this movie with incredible 'grace' and honesty.

This historical story is so inspiring - I highly recommend worth seeing to all!

"Amazing Grace how sweet the sound who saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but, now am found. Was blind but, now I see." -Albert Finney
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Blogger Lisa said...

Hey Sheri...
Can't wait to see this one... my dad saw it in a pre-release last week and said it was great.

Just as an aside, though, John Newton wrote the hymn "Amazing Grace" not Albert Finney

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