Sheri McConnell: August 2006

Tuesday, August 29

Thanks to you ... D M

Birthdate:june 16
Birthplace:Edmonton, AB ... CANADA!
Current Location:Los Angeles, CA.
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Brown/Dark Blonde ... Depends what year
Weight:are you kidding ... you first.
Piercings:ears and nose studd
Tatoos:nope - thinking about it
Boyfriend/Girlfriend:definately a BOY ... perhaps a MAN??
Overused Phraze:"TOTALLY" or "EH" for all you americans
Food:Ice Cream all the way baby! Peanutbutter Choc/Vanilla to be exact.
Candy:I don't really like Candy ... But, if I must ... Black licorice Babies.
Drink:Grande Extra Hot Breve Americano with NO FOAM. An extra shot of espresso doesn't hurt either
Alcohol Drink:Stella Artois ... Gin/Tonic with a lime ... Don Cucos Margarita's and not all at the same time!
Bagel:No Thanks.
Body Part on Opposite sex:Eyes
This or That
Pepsi or Coke:Diet Pepsi or Diet Dr. Pepper
McDonalds or BurgerKing:Ick ... Got over that in grade 5 and it would've been McDonald's
Strawberry or Watermelon:STRAWBERRY! with some BLUEBERRIES on the side!
Hot tea or Ice tea:HOT TEA
Chocolate or VanillaHow about a little of both
Hot Chocolate or Coffee:Coffee (see above)
Kiss or Hug:Kiss ... I'll take it all tho ;)
Dog or Cat:Dog
Rap or Punk:Punk
Summer or Winter:Christmas but, my favorite season is FALL
Scary Movies or Funny Movies:Thrillers
Love or Money:Most definately LOVE ... a little money doesn't hurt either.
Bedtime:around midnight or so ...
Most Missed Memory:someone
Best phyiscal feature:Eyes
First Thought Waking Up:I have to let my dog out to pee ... groan...
Goal for this year:Conquer Barry's and reap ALL the benefits of it!
Best Friends:the most incredible people in the Universe. Whom I already miss even when they are right beside me.
Fears:Only 1 really - To grow old alone.
Heritage:Irish - English - German
Longest relationship:When did it start and when did it end?
Ever Drank:Yes
Ever Smoked:Yes
Ever been Drunk:Yes
Ever been beaten up:No
Ever beaten someone up:No
Ever Shoplifted:Yes
Ever Skinny Dipped:Yes
Ever Kissed Opposite sex:Yes
Been Dumped Lately:No
Favorite Eye Color:Blue ... Brown ... Green
Favorite Hair Color:Doesn't Matter really
Short or Long:It just has to look HOT
Height:I prefer tall
Style:Funky Hip
Looks or Personality:Yes Please!
Hot or CuteDitto
Drugs and Alcohol:Can you say AA?
Muscular or Really Skinny:Muscular
Number of Regrets in the Past:Not Many. Thank God.
What country do you want to Visit:Every Country ... Seriously I love to TRAVEL!
How do you want to Die:the least amount of pain
Been to the Mall Lately:oh yes
Do you like Thunderstorms:love them! Especially sleeping with the sound of rain right above your head
Get along with your Parents:love them too!
Health Freak:Definately aiming for "health" minus the "freak"
Do you think your Attractive:Yup. Imperfections and all.
Believe in Yourself:Yuppers
Want to go to College:Been there done that. Might want to go back tho...
Do you Smoke:No
Do you Drink:Yes -occasionally
Shower Daily:Yes -so should you!
Been in Love:Thought so ... But now I have seen the light. Not Yet.
Do you Sing:Love singing
Want to get Married:Yes
Do you want Children:Sure ...
Have your future kids names planned out:Micah
Age you wanna lose your Virginity:Seriously ...
Hate anyone:Hate is a strong word.

Sheri at 9:54 PM

Tuesday, August 22

My Dream Life ...

You Belong in Milan

Stylish and sophisticated, you want to enjoy a truly European life - away from tourists!
Milan fits you perfectly. Great shopping, high quality food, lots of culture... with very little hype.
Sheri at 10:25 PM

Tuesday, August 8

Amazing ...

Had an absolutely incredible time back home. I must say it was a whirlwind of trips and in many ways wish that I had more time to just hang out with family and friends who are so dear to my heart. Here's to October ...

Just got home yesterday and trying to take a day to reorganize my life back home with all the activities that go with that. I will re-emerge properly tomorrow (wed) Today is hermit day for me:)

When I first arrived into Calgary my brother picked me up and I stayed overnight so, that I could have a little visit with Kevin, Barb and my oh so addorable nephews. The time was so short but, I wouldn't have missed this for the world. I'm hoping that they will be able to make it down here for Christmas ... that is the tenative plan anyway.

I went out to Street Invaders (this is the program I helped pioneer and directed for a few years) so, in many ways it was like coming home to fond familiarity. Sights, smells, sounds of laughter reminiscing over many stories, hilarious jokes and waaaaay too much pumpkin icecream! The Bootcamp Training (there seems to be a reaccuring theme in my life as of late;) is held in Eston, SK. at the Bible College I graduated from so, once again faculty alike along with many close friends were on campus. I spearheaded the leadership teaching for all the team leaders and assistant leaders with a few bootcamp staff in the mix and then preached last wednesday night. It was a heap of fun and the Lord really did move in a powerful way. It really felt this year that the majority of the youth were ready for substance, "meat" if you will. The weaning off the "milk" was happening all last week. And let me say that the food which was given by Him was so very rich and full of necessary nutrients! A call into maturity.

::Prayer:: Thanks Jesus cause I certainly felt inadequate in many ways this time around. Again I am reminded that it really is nothing about me and truly about YOU. My heart posture is only to be an open conduit of your love, freedom, and strength even in the midst of all my own brokenness. I am again reminded that "without brokenness there is only barrenness."

One of the personal highlights for me was a small group of very close friends (you know who you are;) spent one very late evening just praying over me and calling back places of who I am in Him. This was so beautiful and healing in many respects. I look at my time back home where I am known, loved and trusted and realize that this trip was more for me than even what I could give away or pour out into others. A gift from the Lord for me. Many a time 'familiarity' can be a dangerous thing leading to despondance and routine but this trip was a healing familiarity that washed off some of the difficulties of the last 9 months calling forward and reminding me once again Who I am. My identity. What I carry. The Call - words of truth activated in my life. Restoring confidence. Safety. Perhaps the ability to trust again ... ? Restoration ... For we do not wage war with flesh and blood but, principalities and powers that have been assigned to tear down and demolish all that HE - Jesus is at work alive in US! (Ephesians 6) How subtle the warfare can be erroding the life of Christ we so often easily can fight for in and for others and yet forget about ourselves and the war that is over our own life.

I then spent a day and a half back in Calgary (Saturday evening/Sunday) which was a blur of activity ... Saturday Night a little party was thrown for me at the Hop N' Brew (a cool little pub in downtown Calgary) and it was so awesome to see friends and have a good laugh! Sunday was a run around day to pick up good ole' Canadian things that I cannot get down here and then I really wanted to have a little visit with my dear grandma. I am so glad that I was able to see her, she is so beautiful! Sunday Night I spoke at EPIC and again incredible ministry, timely prayer. Thank you Merlin and Daniel!

I am home now. Bailey is back to normal from all his crazy drama just before I left. ThankYOU Jen and Shannon for watching my little one. You guys rock!!!

An extra special shout out to:

Larry - you truly are one of my heroes in life. Thanks for always believing in me, fighting for me and on my behalf when I am weak. You are an incredible Father to your own boys and then to so many who love you and will walk 10,000 miles beside you. I love to watch how and what Jesus is doing in your life ...

Alexandra/Ryan - My dear dear friends ... That one night at the Kentwood was HILARIOUS! I think we need more experiences that make us feel like we are 15 all over again!!!! You are a GIFT to me and I love you deeply. Here's to dreams, promise and destiny.

Dave - Thanks for driving me all over and just wanting to spend time with me. I admire you Dave - really. I love how you "SEE" and the maturity growing in you is liberating. You are on a good path and your personal journey really is beautiful.

Nigel/Curtis and Derrick - I don't even know if you guys read this or not. Either way ... You guys are so much fun and all 3 of you make me feel like a Princess in every way and I love it! (even when you are late;) Derrick I am just getting to know you and it is an honor. You are a good man in every way - remember that! Curtis, I wish that we had more time to just hang with each other. Thanks for driving out to Eston to see me -you bring joy to my heart and I really do care about you and all the dreams over your life. Nigel, there is so much I could say about you - another time and place. But, know this - I really love you.

Nancy - I have already told you this ... you are so beautiful and a beloved friend for life. I honor your journey.

Jayda and Chris
- Your Faith and Courage is inspiring and so incredible to me. You both are such close friends and I admire/honor you for the path you have been walking and the faithfulness of your hearts. Here is to a new corner to be turned! In my prayers and heart ... Love always...

Shanda - Dear one ... Go Girl - your life is just about to begin. Though the horizon feels still unclear in many ways - The Sun is shining strong over your life bringing hope, joy, dream and favour!

Kevin Friesen - It always is a good laugh to see you. Thank you for "noticing" and "inspiring me" in my new pursuit! That in intself was like good medicine to my soul. Here's to new life and love;) Remember Kev, we are not getting older ... we are getting better!

Jacquie - our annual visits (as of late) are always so refreshing! Old friends are like pure water to the soul. You are this to me Jacq. My beautiful friend.

Rachel/Tanya/Faye - Oh my gosh I so love to party with you girls ... you are so safe and the familiarity we have with one another feels liberating to my heart. Makes me feel like perhaps I have done something right in my life ;) I love the fact that I am known to you and still loved. DON'T EVER GIVE UP even when it feels unclear and a little gray. Remember that! Tracy I am so glad that we saw each other - you rock sista!!

Daniel/Jen - Thank you so much for opening up your home ... waaaay to brief! The way you keep praying, fighting with me and loving me is so beautiful -gives me hope for the future and strength for tomorrow.

Ari/Sally/Christian and little Anni - hmmm...Diner Deluxe. You to me are like the "finer things in life". I miss you always and know that one day our paths again will be closer together than they are just right now. You are trusted and loved deeply.

There are so many more ... I could go on and on ... Greg, Simon, Ashley, Ashley, all the SI leaders that I got to hang with - I admire you all and am cheering you on! All you Street Invaders who read this - GO GO GO, Fight and never give up! what HE SPEAKS over your life IS TRUE!!! Hold to those words of Life and they will carry you and cause you to run with adventure! My EPIC Family - you are loved and missed daily. Your prophetic insights were dead on Sunday Night and a life line to me. Thanks for wanting to know me and loving me constant. Kevin, Barb, Nathan, Matt, Joshua and Grandma ... You are all so beautiful to me, precious, loved in every way. Thanks for your encouragement Barb, it means alot to me. Kevin - you are my beloved brother, our bond will never be matched by any other. I love you forever. My dear nephews ... I look forward to every time that we can laugh together and discover something new. Even though we are far apart you are so close to my heart -that never ever changes. Grandma - the matriarch in our family. You are beautiful, strong, a woman of faith who has cared and loved always. I pray that you would know the closeness and peace of Jesus, one day soon you will be with Him and grandpa is there waiting for you. I love you always Grandma.

To all of you whom I missed this time around ... October is coming quickly! Yippee:)

::Prayer:: Here I am Lord, thank you for the fresh breath. I look to YOU to give me strength, Hope for tomorrow, Life for today and more love to come. I CHOOSE YOU!
Sheri at 11:50 AM