Sheri McConnell: March 2006

Saturday, March 25

So so Difficult ...

Thank you all for your prayers ... the young girl whom Anita and I started the detox process with the beginning of this past week has slipped once again over the last 48 hours. So sad. The family wedding she was supposed to go to -she didn't end up going and her family completely freaked out -needless to say many verbal exchanges back and forth, accusations and definitely no understanding. The sad thing is that they are really in the dark as to this girls pain and secrecy. The life of a victim -living in private pain that only she and a handful know, particularly when the abuse has been coming from the inside, a place where all children should be safe.

It never ceases to amaze me that whether all the information is known or not how selfish we are as human beings and cannot respect or even try to understand that perhaps not everything can happen the way that we see it happening or deem it best.

If only there could have been a little grace in the midst of the conversation, a tiny bit of understanding. That yes, it is a disappointment she decided to not be at the wedding but, perhaps the world is so much bigger than just our piece, desires and or wants. Perhaps, we could let go of our own things to just believe that maybe there is something at work in the bigger scheme. That even tho' you cannot always get your way and it doesn't always logically make sense -that is ok. Cause perhaps - it is not even supposed to be about you! So many things in life are not just about logic and reason. Remember your reason and logic can be totally different from someone else's perspective.

Anyway, enough of that rant. I understand the family's view and yet I so understand this young girls perspective. It actually is an issue of justice now which we are praying and trying to decide at what point do we as her pastors need to step in and bring clarity to the bigger picture. So, these hurtful accusations and words will stop. We are so damaging with our talk about one another. It scares me.

This girl has now been once again devastated by accusations, assumptions, statements of "love wasted on her" all her life. Which has now led her to the last 2 days back into the lifestyle she was so desperately trying to leave behind. Why are we so quick to judge, criticize!

Oh God, please I don't want to be that way! I really want to learn to listen better - selflessly. Not just with my ears but, with my heart. A heart longing to understand the deeper workings of the person who has my attention and also Your Spirit Lord who is at work consistently and constant.

She is not lost. No matter how many times one goes down -there is always a way up! Please Pray that the Lord would be so near to her that she would run and stay in His safe arms. Pray for us -wisdom...wisdom.
Sheri at 11:39 PM

Wednesday, March 22

Day Three Down

A Great Beginning.

Well, we finished Day 3 of the detox ... or perhaps I should say Night 3! Since Sunday Night Anita (Ruis) and I have been detoxing a 21 year old cocaine, pills, pot and alcohol addict. oh and who is also 6 weeks pregnant. This is a young lady who has really been a victim of many abuses right from a young girl. She is a survivor and like all of us has her ways of coping. Unfortunately, her way has been with highly damaging addictive substances.

She is such a trooper and tho' many a time wanted to run ... she stuck it out and we are seeing a sober, chemical free beautiful girl. Last night went well, for our third night crashed out in my living room. She started falling asleep right around 10PM and actually slept through most of the night -which was awesome! It also meant that Anita and I could get some zzz... She had a "spell" around 4am at which time we pulled ourselves around her in a sleep/semi-cognitive state and just started praying ... the first 2 nights were all about this ... the third night we has some respite. This spell didn't last long this time and so stumbling back to sleep for a bit was awoken around 6am -with a very "awake" and alert young lady.

Definitely way more than I was that is for sure!!!

We had some great conversations over the last 3 days, good fun, fun laughs ... loads and loads of prayer ... and we can she that she has walked through her first steps of real and TRUE LIFE! She is going away this wknd. and wanted a night in her own home before she goes away...that is ok -cause I already had flushed the marijuana down the toilet. This is the testing part now for her to see how she does with her first few days of sobriety. She says that she doesn't want a repeat of the 3 days she has just gone through so, hoping that near reality will stay fresh in her mind. She is still needing to make some very important decisions when it comes to her and the Lord which will obviously affect all of her surroundings, relationships, influences, etc. This is really where we are pointing ... She still needs much prayer. and honestly right now -I am looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight.

Again, what a fantastic beginning!
Sheri at 12:45 PM

Tuesday, March 21

Day Two Down

Beginning Day Three.

It was a definite time of warfare last night. We really saw and felt the tangible presence and protection of the Lord. Tho' the wrestling was waaay more intense we all made it through. physically exhausted and yet filled with hope.

Our new friend, this young lady who we are walking through this detoxing process is literally in the midst of making life changing decisions ... to choose HIM ... or not to. This is what will make this process different than anytime she has ever tried to get sober and addiction free.

Today is a crucial day for her. The enemy is really pulling hard at her through a variety of "pulls". Please pray for her. Pray for us. Looks like we might need to do somewhat of an 'intervention' at the end of her work day. Really it is amazing that she even went to work today and yet, I am also thankful just to have a few hours of rest before we begin again with her tonight.

Thank you all for your prayers ... this girl is so precious to the Lord -the fight is great over her life but, again and again we keep praying and speaking "You are not alone!" "You are Loved!" "You are KNOWN!"

May your hearts be encouraged and full today with the beauty, peace and love of our Father!

Sheri at 1:13 PM

Monday, March 20

Please Pray!

After the GIG yesterday ... a young girl (name witheld) who has been coming occasionally to Basileia was requesting prayer in response to the message and just the overall dynamic of what was happening in the room all day yesterday (it was very 'sweet'). ...This girl has not been sober for 6 years. She is addicted to Cocaine, Alcohol, Marijuana and Pills.

Later on that day after much prayer by a few of us -the girl called Anita later on and said that she wanted to detox off everything. Just found out that she is pregnant (approx. 6 weeks) So, after I came home from Anaheim Vineyard last night (Brian Doerksen was there) I immediately went over to the Ruis' and Anita/I have begun to take this girl through a detox process. Which meant anita and I took shifts all night -basically stayed up all night and with alot of prayer, conversation, tea we watched/waited and interceded on behalf of this girl as she lay on the couch in front of us beginning her detox. The Spirit of the Lord was really strong in the room and we definately could feel his tangible help in the process. This girl actually slept for a few hours in the middle of the night/early morning as PEACE was being prayed over her! She had not slept for 5 days before last night. She actually made it to work this morning which gave anita and I a few hours of respite and rest. Until 4:30pm we will be meeting again and this time will happen at my house. Round 2 begins tonight here at my place ...another all nighter of watching...interceeding...

PLEASE PRAY with us. Anita and I are both exhausted but, excited as to what the Lord has started here ..there really is a sweet spirit around this girl even in the midst of so much brokenness and addiction. This girl is only 21 -and yet has experienced a life that no 21 year old should experience, let alone a mature adult.

Please particularly pray for us tonight. This could be a more difficult night. Pray that His Peace would fill my home and supernaturally touch this young girl. Pray for freedom for her and strength for Anita and I! Pray! Pray! Pray!

Thanks friends and family!!!
Sheri at 12:55 PM

Saturday, March 18


to PREACH up a storm for tommorow at "The GIG". I am excited and also praying and hoping that the Lord meets us all with authority and power! Thanks for all your prayers ... Here is the text I am speaking from

Mark 12:29-34

as Martin Luther once said "Until a man [woman] is nothing, God can make nothing out of him [her]."

Sheri at 8:29 PM

Sunday, March 12

Personality Test

Hahahaa... I don't know if this is a good thing or bad thing? Nevertheless...for those of you who "dig" personality tests check it out. They give you a bunch of other stuff around it to-interesting.

ENFJ - "Persuader". Outstanding leader of groups. Can be aggressive at helping others to be the best that they can be. 2.5% of total population.
Take Free Jung Personality Test
personality tests by
Sheri at 12:08 PM

Date Change

Well ... for those who care and/or to whom this effects ... we have decided to change the date of our "Live Recording Project" to April 20+21st. So, if anyone wants to take a road trip down to southern california -you have a bit more time to make a plan! Winkwink...that is for you chad+janna ... katie? We felt that the extra couple of weeks would give us more time to do what we want to do from a production standpoint AND of course it means that we will be able to do this in our newly leased 5000 square foot LOFT SPACE!!! Yahhoooo....

Dr.Phil Update-for those who tuned in ... looks like the only one who made a 15 second cameo appearance was Anita Ruis herself (did you catch it yvonne?)

WE HAD SNOW here yesterday! Yes, that is completely true fact a midget size snowman was sitting outside on the lawn yesterday till late last night. People were running outside taking pictures and making road trips from all over LA to come to Tujunga to see the snow! HA!!!! Just a little bit of 'Canadian' for me -yeah. It is darn cold and I even had to turn on my furnace full tilt all day yesterday. Today, it just looks like a typical Vancouver winter day. Grey, chilly, almost about to rain with the sun peaking through every now and then.

Thursday Night
a friend and I were heading over to a place called the "Velvet Margarita" just off Sunset/Hollywood Blvd. It was a friends graduation party from Massage Therapy School so,,, we were going to celebrate with him! Anyway ... as we were driving everywhere to find a parking spot -all there was was valet parking everywhere. This is a big LA thing -wierd I am still not totally used to it ... I drove into a parking lot to see how much it was and this guy approached my window whom I asked "how much was parking"? and he replied $10. Something went off internally for me and my friend but, you are thinking I am in a parking lot there was another parking attendant watching as this was all unfolding ... we hummed -while trying to decide if we wanted to park there and the guy kept repeating $10 getting a little more aggressive. (which can be common for here) so, finally my friend leaned over and gave a $20. which i replied by saying we needed change and he totally ignored me just asking for a lighter (like 3 times) at this point the other parking attendant is saying something but, not coming over all of a sudden this guy just takes off running. My friend jumps out of the car ..yelling at the guy running and I'm yelling at the parking guy who just stood there and did not do anything so, we take off driving to find this guy ...and as if what are we going to do if we did find him>>we hadn't got to that part yet. We finally find a parking spot and thought we had spotted him down a side street but, no way could've caught him. Nevertheless, in the midst of being robbed/conned we had a laugh and thought just a typical Hollywood Blvd. day.

PS> The Velvet Margarita was VERY COOL! 70's red velvet wallpaper everywhere with a trashy mexican spin to it. The vibe was amazing! All you local LA'ers who read my blog -you should check it out sometime!

BTW - Heaps of Thanks to you all who actually comment on my blog ... I love it! Totally encouraging ... You Rock!

Today is our second leadership session day -should be fun! I'm off. overandout.
Sheri at 11:15 AM

Monday, March 6

Exciting Update!

WE HAVE A SPACE!!! That is correct ... as the Basileia Community (pronounced : bah sah lay ah)( We just signed the lease for a 5000 square foot loft here in Los Angeles!! And we got such a sweet deal with it - like an earthshattering -rarely heard of deal on this space! Completely the Lord! Along with the space we received a full house of furniture ... bistro bar and all the trimmings, etc....

So, CELEBRATIONS are in order for all of us down here and all of you my friends and family who keep track with my life and happenin's!

The first way that we will be celebrating is with David's (Ruis) brand new LIVE Recording Project that we will be doing in "THE LOFT" on March 30+31st. Come one -come all ... great time for a visit! hinthint ... The recording will come with Media and the whole lot! As you can imagine I have a whole heap of work in front of me in the next few weeks.

Appreciate all your prayers! The anti is up not just in task but, also huge warfare along with it all ... Let me also add if any of you, my Avalanche or Downpour Homies out there who feel like coming on down to help .... hey - that would be fantastic! Pray about it! It is going to be a blast!!!

So, as you see ... it has been a swirl ... but, I like it that way! On top of this we have begun our leadership track with our core group of 30 -absolutely amazing!

It's all shakin' and ahappenin' -peace

**For those of you who are interested - the Dr.Phil Show that I am in the audience on airs tommorow (tuesday)! the theme is: Bi Polar Disorder. Check your local listings for the time. funfun
Sheri at 3:45 PM