Sheri McConnell: October 2005

Tuesday, October 25

I AM NOW OFFICIALLY SET UP in my house!!!!

After a gazillion trips to IKEA, Target and back. This is when my perfectionism soars to an all round high! Way too many 3am mornings as I unpack, organize, move furniture, etc... Last night was my last one for awhile. My office is now organized! Yahhooo ... I feel like I can now face my new life down here head on! Ok - am I anal or what? I just need to have a sense of organization in my very chaotic - quickly changing life. I realize this is how I find sanity and safety way faster. I think that's what happens when you move alot and are in different environments all the time. the little that you have -I like to at least have it semi settled.

I put my last coat of stain on my beautiful $20 dining table from goodwill! it's either maple or oak (I cannot remember) Seriously, it is beautiful and I learned something new in the process. Anita you are amazing! Now, I just have to coat it with a sealant and the entertaining begins!

ROUNDTABLES :There is something about round tables. They are my favorite. note to self -from now on - roundtables in my home at all times. Something that draws you closer to one another face to face. This table can fit comfortably 8 people around it. So, cool! I only have 4 chairs tho' that is all I could afford. It really helps creates family and conversation. I love that!

oh...i love it...the current weather that is! We are having authentic vancouver weather for the past couple days. meaning ... rain, fog, mist, cool air. Sounds like either the setting for a romance novel or a suspense/horror. I prefer the romance. Everyone tells me that this is early for california - they usually get this "winter weather" around christmas for what a couple weeks. Nice long seasons they have here (sarcasm intended;) They usually only have HOT HOTTER and HOTTEST no wonder if you are one who is climatized down here this is known as cold, winter.

Hahaha ... come to winnipeg honey! The last couple days I was walking around the park with a tshirt no jacket and people here are all bundled up. it is quite funny to watch and most people are probably laughing at me on this one. Let's see as the adjustments settle and the elusive climatizing happens whether or not I too will become thin skinned.

Saying all that - I love these types of days cause it makes me want to snuggle up in front of a fireplace. well, no fireplace here. so sad. But, drink a nice steamy cup of eggnog latte' I now can do-that's right- it is in the stores baby! ANNOUNCEMENT - I saw it yesterday!!! Eggnog that is;) When it will hit starbucks -who knows....katie?? tanya?? [Commercial break]

Anyway, snuggle up, read a good book ...speaking of -check out the corresponding list on the right margin of this page. These are just a few personal favorite books. There are always many more to be added, perhaps in a couple months I will change the list and bring in some new books. tonight Tams and I went to the Black Cow in Montrose. Not to far from where we live. Ok -this is a cute little restaurant. Another hot spot for my visitors to come:)

Upcoming Highlights:

*A morning walk in the park, with bailey in the misty dew
*Pulse Meeting in Pasadena tommorow (aka. prayer)
*Art supply shopping for basileia with tams
*Friday - Laguna Beach
*Kevin Friesen is coming to visit me! Yeah, my first "official visitor" in my home. Here comes the party!
*Saturday Night Halloween Party at the Ruis'!
mmmm...still trying to figure out a costume!
*Sunday - the 'GIG'!
*Sunday Night - my open house partee!!!

Well time to sign off. I feel this has been one massive ramble but, I have enjoyed it -I don't know about you...

Sheri at 11:01 PM

Sunday, October 23

PS ...

The content for my favorite books tab is coming soon ... I promise:)

Sheri at 9:31 PM

...oh what a deal!

Yes - that's right I found a couch for $80. Actually, Anita Ruis found a couch for me ... AND it is a LEATHER one at that!! What a steal:) I mean it is not in perfect shape but, what a few cushions and a throw can cover makes it all worthwhile and more! Yahoo ...

This rates up there with the fridge! Plus, I bought something that I have wanted for a long time!!! A BEAN BAG Chair. I remember my aunt and uncle had a couple for years and I absolutely loved them. Always wanted one in my living room. And they still sell them down here! So, I picked one up:) Great for watching football games! Now, I just have to start working on that one. Watching football that is ;)

Yesterday morning, I had resigned myself to hermiting out for the day (see past blog post) and then a friend here called me up and invited me out with her and her husband to the Los Angeles Farmers Market. Oh my gosh. I swear this beats all farmers markets I have been to! World famous -over a 100 years old. We went for crepes' and delicious coffee. One could stay there all day and just eat a varitey of various ethnic foods that are so yummy. I went to the New Orleans Kiosk and ended up having the best coffee I have ever drunk!!! Plus, there is a place connected to the Market that is called "The Grove" and it looks so cool a tram runs up and down the street that are filled with really cool shops, restaurants and the like. I definately have to go back there soon and explore further!

Seriously, for all those of you coming to visit me - we will go there! Very fun! I could have just stayed all day there to people watch. I love people watching and I have to say this beats anywhere else I have been.

Well, speaking of delicious coffee... Time to go get some with breakfast!

Happy Sunday:)
Sheri at 11:38 AM

Saturday, October 22


Well, I have been a bad "poster" ..."blogger" lately. I have no excuse really. It's not that I have been incredibly busy or anything. My home is pretty much "together" now. Just waiting for my desk to be setup on monday. Looking forward to it -so, that I can then setup my office and pull things together for my very soon -upcoming trip back up to Canada!! Yeah ...can hardly wait:) Really looking forward to seeing family and friends!

It has been good so far. Though some days it feels like the adjustments are somewhat harder than other days. I realize that starting over relationally really is difficult and takes a lot of work. I have had a couple moments in the last week where I said to myself "I really don't like this" nor do "I feel like I am ready for this". That is when I have to force myself to just hunker down and step out relationally with people.

Funny how, people's perceptions of oneself can be quite the contrary to the sentiment, mood and reality. Like for example most people perceive me as the extrovert I usually am. Not afraid to conquer new horizons and meet new people. Yet lately, I have been feeling more like a hermit, wanting to be alone. Bizarre, cause I really don't want that. I am looking for significant connections not in a "networking" sort of way but, friends. People to hang with of like heart and interests and at a similar emotional maturity. There just is way more life to give to others when these relational parts are working in a healthy way.

Anyway, speaking of "health" - I checked out the YMCA today -they have a ton of programs there that look interesting. I need to do something like this. Plus, I went and signed up for a library card today. There is a park and a library right across the street from me. This is the park I walk Bailey in every day and this also is the park that I met 2 homeless people in late last night and had a really great conversation. I suspect that there will be more of these conversations to come. That was cool actually - cause it felt like I was walking it out here in my community.

I caught the end of a movie tonight. I don't even know what it was called -some made for TV movie. But, there was a statement made at the end of the movie made from a husband to a wife speaking to why marriages fall to boredom and dissapointment once familairity creeps in. But, it was a statement that caught me and it was this "Practicalities get in the way of abandon". I thought -wow-so, true. In every element of life how the practicalities of life can easily suck the life out of abandon. What are those necessary, practical things in your life that are getting in the way of abandon to those closest to you the Lord ... to your passions ... What are they?
Sheri at 7:37 PM

Sunday, October 16

Lady of Shalot

This is the painting across your screen to the right. My favorite painting of all time from the Renaissance era. Reminds me of my 'soul self' - that which is in a place of longing and desperation for the one her heart longs for ...and loves!

This is my constant, ever increasing, heaven directed cry

What and Whom is the reflection of your soul self?
Sheri at 12:41 AM

Thursday, October 13

All Grown Up ...

So, I just had my very own fridge delivered to my place. Yes, that is right I had to purchase a fridge for this apt. and now I feel all grown up! HA! I can only imagine what buying a house does for you:)

Kudos to Doug and Rachel's son - Miles - a 13 year old genius kid who has now put together pretty much everything inside my apartment! Yeah ... Note to self - must marry a man who is practical and good with building, etc...

It is looking like I have to write a drivers test and take also take a road test. This brings fear into my life -way too many bad habits! God help me!

I went to a very cool restaurant last night called "pinnochios" (Italian Bistro). Seriously, they have the best places here ...

Discovery is so much fun!
Sheri at 10:20 PM

Tuesday, October 11

OK ...for all of you who have given a loud shout out regarding the size of font I use ... this change is for you ;)

Thanks for all the comments and feedback everyone - it is cool to hear from you all! Makes me miss you even more:(

... ?Question? ... Have you ever wondered why just when something seemingly is in your grasp - all of a sudden it moves and distances itself to it being so faaaarrrrr awwwwaaay ... almost lost?

I don't know why I am thinking about this tonight but, there is something that has obviously begun to stir this question in me. It reminds me of a particular picture of the taunting carrot swinging right infront of the salivating rabbit only to be pulled away in a flash.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

It is just right there and all of a sudden - GONE! In a flash . Perhaps this is why we always chase a dream of something out there that will better our lives, causing us to be a richer whole individual.

hmmm...the illusion.

What are you chasing? Is it in your grasp? Watch out -before you blink -it could be gone -just like that -on to the new chase of the illusive taunting carrot...
Sheri at 11:08 PM


I just have to say that the other night we went to Frankie's on Melrose. An italian restaurant that Tony Danza frequents. They ship their seafood in from NewYork! Absolutely off the charts for a restaurant! Last night went to PF Changs ...mmmm...chinese... I love these outdoor mall/patio's here - so beautiful!

I found some car insurance - hallelujah! and it is not scary prices. Very reasonable actually! Yahhooo,,,now I just have to figure out all the rest of it! details coming out of my wazoooo...

Scientology - everywhere out here - totally bizarre! Anyone have a good book to recommend that I can read on this "following" to understand it a little better? It is honestly so whacko!!!

Sheri at 12:50 AM

Monday, October 10


Happy Happy TURKEY Day -good ole' canadian style! That's right here down south we celebrated it up - the Ruis' and I at their house. I have to say right off the top the Ruis' have kicked it up in opening their home to me and just being "family" down here -it totally has made this transition waaay easier. Total blessing -I am so thankful for those dear ones near and far that the Lord has brought into my life. You all are truly a "gift" in every accurate true sense of the word.

I am really thinking that this concept of a "blog" is cool and yet scary in many ways. I remember when I was a little girl deciding that I wanted to have my very own diary with a little lock and my own key! The secret thoughts of my life which usually just ended up being about my daily happenin's and then of course the occasional boy (ok maybe more than occasional;) that I was crushing over at the time. If I remember correctly this particular diary that I am thinking of was pink, and had probably either butterflies or flowers all over of it:) I always loved writing ...mmm...where did that diary go?

The funny thing is the whole point of a diary was for it to be kept secret from all the world yet, the blog is all about those secret places of our hearts spread for all the world to see. Feels kinda scary and yet for all the voyeuristic tendencies in all of you who are reading this -quite interesting. HA!

I typically am very private about certain musings of my heart but, this is good ... most likely more for me than anyone else reading this. A blog is a great idea for a verbal processor like myself.

Speaking of which ...

I have been thinking about my personal current reality of "starting over". Freaky - exciting and lonely all at the same time. We all have to start at many things in our life and many people I know stay in something for far too long for the fear of "starting all over". Where there is a start there is an end. Each one brings a variety of emotions and feelings -I guess these are the feelings I am walking through now and slowly disseminating.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a few of the Basileia crew whom I have just met and the whole topic came up on how I would pretty much sell everything and simplify to the point of getting rid of alot of my "stuff" is so abnormal to many and yet honestly for me - it is so liberating! How easy it is for us to just complicate life with more things, stuff, etc... The positive side of starting over is about cleaning out, off and away. Creating an opportunity and space to create afresh for some to recreate yourself. Much of this - is the exciting part! Good thing I love change as I don't always do well with constant routine. These elements of my personality will definately flourish in my current environment.

One of the take aways from this past month that I have realized is how easy it is to take for granted the people in our life until we are shaken or moved out of our comfortable routines, circles of relationships or other -then we try and make up for the loss or lack thereof that we have missed or fear to miss. May we be men and women who live to the full the days and relationships that have been brought into our life -so, we never have regrets or wish I could'ves ...should'ves, etc... Speak out more the things you think and wish you could say to the people in your life. Don't wait -book those coffee's and time with the ones you were hoping to hang with and never have.

It is about redemption in many ways. Redeem your time! Redeem all your relationships. Begin with life and passion, wherever there are endings in your life -end well and even more importantly - live well to the fullest with no regrets! Now ... Never ...Take a chance ...Risk

Sheri at 11:04 PM

Saturday, October 8

It's Late ...It's Bare and I'm Bored

Friday night and I just finished straigtening around my new house. Which funny enough my place is totally bare -now wishing that maybe I shouldn't have pretty much sold every piece of valuable furniture. Then again, I most likely would have regretted trying to figure out how to haul it all down here. Oh well, this is when shag carpet works really well - when that is all you pretty much have to sit on.

Ok -I just have to vent ... My email is down AGAIN! That darn server is a total bugger. Once again I am unable to send out emails. What the heck! Makes it difficult to do anything on the comp other than msn and now blog.

Things that I have noticed albot southern cal to date: Fast food is REALLY gross here! Generally fast food is brutal anywhere oyu go but, here is REALLY BAD! ickgross... I thought that I was going to be inundated with "beautiful people"! HA! People are really aggressive here ...freeways, starbucks and all. Everything is different! My favorite drink at starbucks used to be (in Canada) a Grande Breve No-Foam American Misto (thanks Daniel) well, here it is a grande breve americano with no foam. and then I have to proceed to explain to every barista how you actually make it. Freeways Freeways Freeways. oh my gosh! Good thing I mastered aggressive driving at an early age (despite my father's wishes;) Guess I won't be text messaging while I'm driving. I am hunting everywerhe for a "thomasguide" the must have map for LA/OC! Good thing I picked up the ear bud headset for my cell phone! Speaking of which I am now a Cingular customer! Buhbye fido -you have served me well! Hello to my new razor phone -move over captain kirk -beam me up scotty! For those of you who will see my phone -you will understand:)

Cultural experience -sitting at the Social Security Administration Office this week. And I sat and sat and sat. That's right for 3 hours I sat and got so bored that I began to count how many white people were actually in the office I was at. Well, let me just say that I personally was the by far extreme minority -bizarre! And who said that I had to leave northamerica to have a cultural experience? ... hahaha.

Things I did today -clean,unpack, cable+internet hookedup -yeah! Ikea and Vitamin Shoppe run. My first shopping trip to "Trader Joes's" Yah.... I love that grocery store! They even have wine for $2.00! We will see what that tastes like!;)

Plans for tommorow ... SLEEPIN! (the fist one since I can't remember!) Go to my neighborhood starbucks for coffee tommorow. Suntan by the pool tommorow and Dinner with the Ruis', Cindy Reithmeir and other ...

Signing out for the night -Blessedx
Sheri at 12:15 AM

Wednesday, October 5

Los Angeles HERE I AM!

First of all ... I just have to say ... it has happened - I AM HERE! The reality of this actual move has not fully hit me - it still feels like I just finished this crazy long road trip from Canada - which by the way was approx. 36 hours. My 5 friends who made this long trek with me are stars! You guys totally rock!!!

Here is a loud shout to DANIEL ...MERLIN ...KEVIN ...NIGEL ...DAVE!

So, I am now a C-a-l-i-f-o-r-n-I-A resident! Psychotic... Everything is so crazy expensive - that is going to take forever to get used to-takes money management to a whole other equation!

Where do I begin ... Well -lets start this way ... It has been one week today! This is what I have done far...

*Hang out with 5 groovy Canadian guys
*Walk around Santa Monica Pier and the promenade
*Crash in with the Matthews for the past 5 days and hang with the Ruis' -amazing families!
*Went to the "Knitting Factory" - and no it is not an actual "knitting factory" - but a club where bands and artists like Gwen Stefani who graced the stage. Cool venue!
*Found a fantastic Mexican restaurant! Don Cucos in GlenDale. So, for all those of you who will come and visit me (hinthint) we will totally go here! Amazing lime margarita's!!
*The GIG - Sunday, Oct. 2nd - check it out this is my new community here in LA
*House hunting for 2 days...groaner - oh my gosh everything is flippin' expensive here!
*Find an apartment!! yahooooo... a 2 bedroom place with a brown molten shag carpet and a mini bamboo tiki bar ...that's right - the likes of every 70's california tv show! Move over Barbarella! Plus, I have a pool right outside my door ...yahhoo!
*Good Will shopping - oh yes -I found a kitchen table for $20! and a entertainment stand for $7. Ikea cannot even beat that deal!
*Coffee with David+Anita - talking through Basileia schtuff
*Try to get all my utilities hooked up -even worse than the house hunting. Im still waiting for my social security number to go through - to the americans i have no identity and therefore no credit rating laying down every crazy imaginable deposit down to hook up all the necessitites... can you say cha ching!!
*and now here i sit on my shag carpet -cause i have no furniture typing this post.

How do I feel ...some of you might wonder - well, im exhausted to start with. It has been a very emotional month saying goodbye, moving, transition, starting all over and setting up. Bailey barks at every strange noise here at our new pad - it is funny to watch him and in some bizarre way I think that he seemingly communicates how I feel internally right now. A little nervous, somewhat scared at all the unfamiliarity and also trying to find a sense of any form of normality. Whatever that looks like? ...I really need a good sleep...

Well, this is the beginning of this phaze of a new journey of my life -there has been so much leading up to this move and will be processing this over the days to come.

time...time can do much for our souls ... time will bring safety, connection and a sense of "home". I am now on this journey
Sheri at 2:24 PM